A Birth Story: Gracelyn

I was out of state when I happened to look at my phone.  It was early- 4:30 AM PST.  I’m in labor.  I sent a message back saying I was out of state, but flying back today.  Keep me posted and I hope I make it in time!  Steph was still at home, and said she would keep me posted.  Fast forward to 8:00 PM CST.  I arrive.  Still no Gracelyn.  We wait a little longer.  Still no Gracelyn.  So we wait some more.  Then she decides it is time.

Emotions filled the room.  Emotions filled my heart.  This is exactly where I am was supposed to be and exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

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Steph & Jake.  I can not thank you enough for sharing this moment with me.  It was amazing.
I love the both of you dearly.
XOXO- Krissy

Give Thanks
out for a walk

out for a walk

I’m not quite sure what it is about long weekends that seem to bring everything into perspective for me.  Just a small reminder to live in the moment.   Squeeze your loved ones tight.  Listen to their hearts.  Smile often.  Love lot’s.  Life is short.  Take pictures.  Thank a soldier. XOXO- Krissy

Amanda and Jeffrey- Engaged! {Sioux City, IA Photographer}

Sioux City, IA Engagement


Oh Amanda and Jeffrey.  You two are PERFECT for each other.  Young, in love, and ready to tackle the world.  You remind me a lot of your (Amanda’s) parents.  May your love be just like theirs.


Sioux City, IA Engagement Sioux City, IA Engagement Sioux City, IA Engagement Sioux City, IA Engagement Sioux City, IA Engagement

I am so looking forward to your June wedding.

XOXO- Krissy

Justine and Dylan- Engaged! {Little Log House Pioneer Village}

Little Log House


It was a coolish day in late October.  Justine and Dylan decided that they wanted their engagement photos taken at the site of their wedding.  As we walked all around the site, it didn’t take me long to figure out just how perfect these two people were for each other.

Little Log House Little Log House Little Log House Little Log House Little Log House Little Log House

Little Log House


Justine and Dylan, I am SO excited for your wedding in June.  Mostly excited that I get to witness you both start this new chapter in your lives.  Thank you for choosing to share it with me.

XOXO- Krissy

50 degrees! {Minnesota Children’s Photographer}

Minnesota Children's Photographer


It is no lie that this winter has been a tad chilly.  Ok, really chilly.  Today was 50 degrees.  The sun was warm.  Water is everywhere around the farm.  EVERYWHERE.

While I was watching Gertie Lu play in the water,  I just want to remind everyone to enjoy every moment with your loved ones.  No matter what.  Hold them close to your heart.  Capture real life.  Dirty or clean.  Enjoy this beautiful ride we are on.  Splash through deep puddles.  Laugh lots.  Always be kind.  Live in the moment.  Snap a picture of two.  Live fearlessly.

XOXO- Krissy