Sometimes, we just need a little boost….



Sometimes we all just need a little boost.  This statement speaks straight to my heart.  I need that boost.  I need to be better at blogging.  I have a TON of fantastic images to share, and there they sit, on my hard drive.  This is my public statement to blog more, even if it is one or two images.  To show all I have to show and to reflect on past weddings and sessions that were really fantastic.  This is a New Year.  A new start.  Look for some throwback posts, new posts, and posts that include some fantastic in site by industry professionals.

All kinds of good stuff coming your way.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO- Krissy

I still have open dates available for local and destination weddings.  If you know anyone who is newly engaged, send them my way!  I’d love to hear from them!