Why I photograph the way I do….


There are many reasons why I am a moment driven photographer.  One of the most important to me is that I like to document real relationships, real life and put it into a photograph.  Maybe not everyone is perfectly posed or maybe not everyone is dressed perfectly, maybe everyone isn’t even matching.  I don’t care.  I’m there to pass memories down from one generation to the other.

This article speaks right to my heart.  It sums up everything I am trying to accomplish when I am photographing an event, a child, a family.  Slow down, let them get messy, and cherish the moment.  Cherish life.  Cherish this relationship- whatever and wherever it may be.

You may remember a post I did on Gary and his family.  Below is a quote straight from Tonia.  The moment above is not staged in any way, nor was I paying attention to what Tonia & her Father were talking about.  I’m so very blessed that I was able to create these memories for this family.

“This very true moment I will never forget. It’s the mere seconds after I first told my dad that Mike would take care of me and our kids, and the moment I told dad that Tricia would take care of Jeremy and their kids…. Krissy just so happened to catch this on film….. His moment of peace. Of clarity. Of “it’s ok to let go”…. Krissy’s placement of both Jeremy and my wedding pictures behind us, shows how blessed he was to have such amazing people love his kids.”